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Contempera Hotels

Our Brands Contempera Hotels


Contempera is a smart, chic modern boutique hotel where people can enjoy relaxing, work and meet new friends. This sophisticated yet friendly hotel looks after its travellers and delivers Smart Hospitality Solutions for the seasoned traveller. No- frills as you chose, the hotel provides stylish guest rooms, an interactive creative lobby, connected living room, workplace, a marketplace to purchase, with an interactive lounge created and designed by Contempera.


The brand gravitates towards the young, trendy and yet sophisticated business entrepreneur that wishes for an enjoyable stay in comfortable surroundings fit for the personality of the inspiring young modern traveler. The decor is lush, the modern trendy feel of warm and inviting workplaces, sharing the experience with new people and friendly faces. Our spaces are open and you can book your meetings, enjoy events, network or work secluded in your own space.

With 24/7 dining available and minibars stocked for your supplies. Our guest rooms are stylish yet contemporary, beautifully designed and prepared as you wish in surroundings that you can relax and enjoy.


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