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Backed up by over a century of combined knowledge of hospitality experience, we developed time-proven strategies to efficiently manage your investment, propelling profitable results and overcoming any global or industry challenges time may bring.


Our unique methodology has helped various new and established hotels, regionally and internationally, to successfully set up operations, avoiding unnecessary investments yet bringing true value to hotel experience. We tailor our services to the individual requirements of each property, running in-depth understanding and consultancy for the best financial results. Be it an independent boutique hotel, luxury hotel chain, or innovative concept, our in-depth understanding of the industry helps to discover property’s true potential and grow profitable business model.

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SHS training and development approach offers training progress supervision, timesaving, highest possible training standards and many more.
Working with variety of hotels, we offer economical and robust strategies to effectively manage your property.
Our tailored and economical approach helps to optimize financial results even during most turbulent times.
Offering in-depth outlook on the industry to determine the right move and achieve solid ROI.

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