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Pre-Opening Services

Our Services Pre-Opening Services

Offering you in-depth knowledge and decades of experience, our dynamic approach follows latest innovative solutions and developments, helping you to economically and effectively to turn any project into a success.


Developing unique customer experience, we are strong believers in distinct brand characters, that is why we are looking not only at a successful business partnership, but right brand positioning and growing an intellectual property for prosperous independent operation for many years to come.

Our integrated team offers services from space planning, architecture and design, budgeting, employee training, OS&E and FF&E and more. Discovering your unique selling proposition, we will uncover revenue streams and develop personalized approach for the best financial results and solid ROI.

To make the right decision and ensure profitable returns, just reach out to our team today.

Our Services

SHS training and development approach offers training progress supervision, timesaving, highest possible training standards and many more.
Working with variety of hotels, we offer economical and robust strategies to effectively manage your property.
Our tailored and economical approach helps to optimize financial results even during most turbulent times.
Offering in-depth outlook on the industry to determine the right move and achieve solid ROI.

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