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The most straightforward argument in favor of investing in a hotel is a perceived supply gap for a certain type of hotel category in a market. The second reason is solid ROI. The total financial return a real estate asset can achieve (holding period return) is a function of the cash flows generated by its operations and the value appreciation of the underlying real estate asset.


For budget hotel the value of operations drives 85% of the holding period return whilst for luxury hotels it is 70/30 between real estate appreciation and operations. This is understandable as a budget hotel is mostly about running a tight ship whilst a luxury hotel tends to be situated in prime locations with very high barriers to entry and by definition tend to derive more value from property appreciation.

SHS team and in-depth outlook on the industry, helps to determine the right move to achieve solid ROI. Get in touch with us today to learn more.

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SHS training and development approach offers training progress supervision, timesaving, highest possible training standards and many more.
Working with variety of hotels, we offer economical and robust strategies to effectively manage your property.
Our tailored and economical approach helps to optimize financial results even during most turbulent times.
Offering in-depth outlook on the industry to determine the right move and achieve solid ROI.

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