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With over a century of experience, profound leadership, and highly distinguished figures within international hospitality and property development sector, Smart Hospitality Solutions heralds an era of impeccable service and future forward solutions that meet the needs of the sector and provide profitable returns for clients and partners.


Smart Hospitality Solutions (SHS) is a professional integrated hotel operating and management company, proving to be a real game changer within hospitality sector. Providing cost-efficient solutions and bringing profitable returns, SHS is your reliable partner during uncertain times and a specialist consultant to accelerate you towards the set goals.


Stirred by hospitality veterans Reto Wittwer and Ulrich Eckhardt, Smart Hospitality Solutions create the signature solutions or tailor needs to meet the needs of clients and investors to build long lasting returns.


The Future of Hotel Management

We tailor our solutions to meet the requirements of each one of our owners. With over 100 years of experience between our leadership team, we have reached a level of understanding of what hotel Owners seek in a management company.
Our approach is more owner centric than formulaic and therefore in tune with today’s hospitality and travel industry. Our owners enjoy unfettered access to our management team which cuts through the layers and provides for efficient decision making and understanding for the needs of the moment.
With an overwhelming majority of hotel properties globally unaffiliated with a hotel chain, independent owners have increasingly more questions than answers in the running of their hotels. In the ever-increasing universe of “online this and online that” to build a brand image requires expertise, knowledge of market and marketing and what networks to use to build a customer base and/or reach consumers.
SHS has the knowledge, the expertise and consequent believe that the brand belongs to the owner. As a result, we nurture your brand and manage day-to-day operation of the hotel that thrives to deliver highest service quality and business performance that every owner deserves.


Leaders in hospitality

Our highly experienced senior team shares over 100 years of experience, and are well known connoisseur of the hospitality industry, having successfully opened and operated over 200 hotels across the world. 


Today, they are offering in-depth knowledge and proven strategies to effectively and economically manage your investment.


Over the decades, we have been at the forefront of positive change within our industry and have stirred our clients through global uncertain times, towards sustainable growth.


Tailored approach to fit your needs

Working with variety of hotels, we offer economical and robust strategies to effectively manage your property.
Our tailored and economical approach helps to optimize financial results even during most turbulent times.
Offering in-depth outlook on the industry to determine the right move and achieve solid ROI.
SHS training and development approach offers training progress supervision, timesaving, highest possible training standards and many more.


Our tailored hospitality management portfolio, to fit your needs

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